Just an astrological note of interest:

In astrology, I've heard and seen many times that no US president has ever been elected to office without a major aspect of Saturn (government) to their natal (birth) Sun.  Several professional astrologers now say that 'rule' is no longer valid since Bush was put into office by the Supreme Court.  We'll be able to verify the 'rule' in this election.

Below is a list of the presidential front runners (and some of personal interest).  Historically, if you don't have an aspect, you don't have a chance.  If you do have it, then the rest of the chart comes into play.  The smaller the orb of influence (fewer degrees) the stronger the likelihood of being president.  I'm going to wait until the field has narrowed down significantly before I study this further.  Make of it what you will.  Birth dates are from various web sources (unverified).  Here's the list -


***Carly Fiorina - Square (within 1 degree!!!)

***Donald Trump - Wide Opposition (within 8 degrees)

***Bernie Sanders - Square (within 1 degree!!!)

***Ben Carson - Wide Trine (within 9 degrees)

***Marco Rubio - Wide Opposition (within 8 degrees)

***Michael Bloomberg - Wide Sextile (within 11 degrees)

Martin O'Malley - no aspect

Joe Biden - no aspect

Elizabeth Warren - no aspect

Ted Cruz - no aspect

Jeb Bush - no major aspect

Hillary Clinton - no  aspect





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Healing the Human Ego

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Rev. Lynn A. Walker